3 Day Monk


3 Day Monk

Multi platform support

We currently support PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4, as well as cross platform functionalities.

Young and innovative

We try to push gameplay elements by combining and introducing new mechanics.

No P2W

We ourselves are part of the community and know what it demands.

About The Game

The Hive is a new round based First-Person-Looter-Shooter set in an NPC-filled, devastated world. The Hive combines competitive FPS and RPG elements to deliver a unique experience. A mix of online multiplayer combat, boss fights and events that change with every new major content update. Discover new areas, Collect gear, improve your character and try to make it out alive! If you die, you’ll not only lose what you gathered up to this point, but also what you brought with you into this world. Make it out alive and use your new and improved gear to dominate our weekend only competitive PVP mode! Read more...







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