3 Day Monk


The Hive is a new round based First-Person-Looter-Shooter set in an NPC-filled, devastated world. The Hive combines competitive FPS and RPG elements to deliver a unique experience. A mix of online multiplayer combat, boss fights and events that change with every new major content update.

Discover new areas, collect gear, improve your character and try to make it out alive! If you die, you’ll not only lose what you gathered during this round, but also what you brought with you into this world. Make it out alive and use your new and improved gear to dominate our weekend only competitive PVP mode!







Action filled Gameplay
  • Other players are not the only thing you need to worry about. Besides patrolling NPC militia you will encounter far more dangerous enemies.
  • On one side we have the Military troops, which will appear every game. These groups are made up of different smaller units and occasionally a single taugher unit which acts as a leader, for example a heavily armored soldier surrounded by weaker units or a sniper who fires at you with a high caliber "PDHSP" sniper rifle. If you're unprepared they can pose a considerable challenge to you and your team.
  • On the other side we have folklore creatures, which take the role of a big boss and are extremely rare. These types of bosses differ from map to map and are the most dangerous enemies besides other players. They will appear when you expect them the least.
Realism to a certain point
  • It’s extremely important to us to see the project as a game and not as a military simulator. The focus is on having a balanced and fun experience instead of being as realistic as possible. With that said, we want to make the game as immersive as we can while not breaking it.
Bring your favorite weapon into the battle
  • A wide collection of different weapons from large sniper rifles to small SMGs will allow you to find your preferred weapon. The hive will feature real world firearm types. Different wear levels will dictate the condition and effectiveness of your weapon. Wear levels are visualized through imperfections on the weapon surface. Factory new firearms are very rare compared to used ones.
Research, craft and modify your weapon
  • THE HIVE sets a strong emphasis on weapon customization. We will allow the player to swap out every weapon component and attachment in order to create a weapon that suits the players preferred playstyle in each situation. No matter if it's a fast paced close corner or long distance stealthy approach, your weapon will support it as long as the needed attachments and components are available to you.
  • In order to craft complete weapons out of found weapon parts, you first need to find a complete type of that weapon and then research it. When crafting, the wear level of the components used dictate the wear level of the final crafted weapon. When researching, the wear level of the researched weapon, doesn't matter you can still craft the factory new model if you have the factory new parts for it. These parts as well as the weapon can be upgraded through scrap metal.
  • Scrap metal is obtained by scraping weapons, attachments and components as well as other various metal items.
Armor pieces
  • Single armor parts will not only change your appearance, but also define how many hits you can take, how fast you move and how much stamina you spend while running. The respective stats will inform you about the weight, weak spots, stamina costs and its “wear” state. Combine different armor pieces such as chest plate, boots, shoulder-plates, leg-guards, arm-guards and many more, in order to create the best balance for yourself.
Looting system
  • Everything you find on your way through the world can be kept if you make it out alive. Retrieve the items you found during a game in order to add them to your inventory/collection and use them in the next game to gain an advantage over your opponents. But be careful, if you die you will not only lose what you gathered, but also what you brought with you. To prevent losing your equipment, there’ll be an option to buy insurance in the form of a token for different amounts of in-game currency. Said currency can be earned by trading on the market or fulfilling different tasks and contracts set up by other players or Organizations.
Clans and Squads
  • Playing on your own can get boring sometimes, that's why we want to bring the community together through our clan and squad system. A player can join a clan and at the same time be part of a squad. Clans are large formations of players which function as an internal ecosystem where items, gear and weapons can be traded and stashed. Squads on the other hand are 4 man premade groups which compete in our competitive weekend only mode. A clan can consist of multiple squads and therefore have multiple squads representing the clan on the leaderboards. All clans and squads will have unique names. We also have a very special feature planned for the clan system, if the required stretch goal for it is reached.
A fair market system
  • Each player will have the opportunity to offer everything they found on the market, at a price of their choosing. With that we intend to create a self-regulating platform, offering prices everyone can agree with. Instead of having to farm a specific item for your build, you’ll be able to buy whatever is needed if you can afford it.
Rare shops
  • Visit the rare shops scattered around the map to buy exclusive items that can’t be found elsewhere. These shops won't be open every game and in order to access them, you’ll need an access card or key which can only be obtained by defeating certain enemies or finding them.
Weekend League
  • Compete with other players every weekend and show them what you got! Bring the gear you previously farmed, try to survive and come out as a winner. The “Weekend League” will be our competitive PvP mode, which only allows one player/team to leave the match alive. The winner earns the participation fee which every player has to pay at the start of each round. Choose between different stakes which will not only give you a chance on higher rewards but also lets you earn more points in order to climb the ladder. The ”Weekend League” is a weekend exclusive game mode. Lock in your preferred gearset until friday evening in order to participate in it.
  • Developer:3 Day Monk
  • Genre: MMO, Action RPG, First Person Shooter, Competitive, Horror
  • Release:Q4 2020
  • Platforms:PC, Xbox One( + Next Gen), Playstation 4( + Next Gen)
  • Game Mode:Online Multiplayer
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Twitter:@thehivefps
  • Facebook:/The-Hive-by-3-Day-Monk-107598890669279/
  • Youtube:/channel/UCQmG38gNF_9kCw-NpdVq3cg