3 Day Monk


About Us

Who are we ?

We are a team with members from Switzerland and Germany currently developing The Hive. Most of us have a strong background in software engineering and we've been playing games our entire life. Progression has always fueled us to achieve more and more be it in competitive games or technology. Unreal Engine has been our home for the last 4 years with all of us gaining in depth knowledge regarding game engines, game development, 3D art and workflows.

Sergei Pisteljic

Project lead, Animation/Gameplay (Software engineer student, advanced knowledge in animation and rigging)

Aleksa Kolakovic

Project lead, 3D Art/Level/Environment (Graduate in software engineering, advanced knowledge in 3D and environment art)

Tim Niederhausen

Tech lead, Network/Gameplay (masters degree in software engineering, profound knowledge in network engineering and complex shader development)

Philip Pisteljic

Web/Gameplay (Degree in software engineering, in depth knowledge of web technologies and tooling)

Alexander Andres

PR/Marketing/QA (Finance and economy student)